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With a lake for every day of the year, peace, tranquillity and lots of fishing are a few of the joys awaiting you in Cavan

Things to Do
Cavan is known as the ‘Lakeland County’, for reasons that become apparent as soon as you enter it’s lush borders. It’s as if Cavan has been hording lakes since it was a child, and what a collection it has amassed. Playing to its strengths, Cavan has become known as Ireland’s premier fishing destination. With countless great spots for course fishing and great game fishing, as can be found at Lough Sheelin brown trout fishery , you would have to be unlucky not to catch a fish.
Ironically, the natural features that attract so many outdoor enthusiasts today, were relied upon to keep intruders away in the past. The drumlin hills and loughs, as well as the heavy clay soils, provided a welcome deterrent to any invading force.
Cavan is home to Swanlinbar, an iron foundry town, with celebrated mineral spring spas that have been attracting the great and the good since the 18th century. Johnathan Swift wrote about it in 1728 in his essay “On Barbarous Denominations in Ireland”, a title that the Irish Tourism Board has for some reason shied away from.
The Marble Arch Caves and Global Geopark is a one stop shop for taking in the geology, history, history and wildlife that Cavan showcases. One of Ireland’s UNESCO sites, it is a must see when in the neighbourhood.