Food For Thought

Our food: naturally good….
Hidden Ireland houses offer a hospitality that only a family home can. The Irish Country House was built to welcome and entertain guests, and good food was always at the heart of that welcome. Journeys were long, but at their end a delicious meal and fine wine were always waiting. The grounds and surrounding farms of these houses provided all of the ingredients for the carefully prepared meals offered to impress visitors, long before there was a need to specify that it was “locally sourced”. That tradition is carried on today by the owners of these unique houses and food is as important now as it was then. Many of the houses still grow their own vegetables and herbs, offer eggs laid by their own hens and ducks and serve meat from livestock that grew up on their land. In addition, each house has a special relationship with the passionate food producers in their area and these combined passions make for a dining experience like no other.
The new found fascination for “local, home-made and organic” ingredients has always been a part of the Irish Country House way of life and nowhere can it be savoured better than in a Hidden Ireland house.