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Best Ingredients


Explore the finest of Irish food, made with love and care from some of Ireland’s best ingredients, with the latest Hidden Ireland Food Larder menu. Irish country houses were built to welcome and entertain guests, and good food is still at the very heart of the Hidden Ireland welcome, as it has always been. Many of the houses still grow their own vegetables and herbs, use eggs laid by their own hens and ducks and serve meat from livestock raised on their land. In addition, each house has a special relationship with the passionate food farmers, growers and producers in their area. Experience a true sense of place and history, with Hidden Ireland Food Larder recipes….

Unique Culinary Dishes

Today, each Hidden Ireland member has their own unique culinary take on the abundant flora and fauna available to them. Some of our members specialise in cooking wild game, a rare treat for food lovers. Others draw from the rivers and lakes in their vicinity. Where else could you go fishing in the afternoon and have your catch served to you for your evening meal? Meanwhile, foraged wild garlic, mushrooms and berries find their way into sauces, salads, jams and desserts that can’t be mistaken for the ordinary. To dine in a Hidden Ireland house is to taste the ideal in modern cuisine. We offer what we do best, what is close to us and what you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Now you can try to recreate some of the great dishes you may have tried at a Hidden Ireland house, just click here to find go to our blog to find several recipes.